Holistic jouney

The Holistic course proposes to go on an adventure where the goal is to go to the quest for the Self. It is the search for the "I" by the game. Through a mysterious investigation, go in search of the secret key and discover what is hidden deep within you ...
Delphine Herrmann - Aventure Holistique
Delphine Herrmann - Aventure Holistique
Delphine Herrmann - Aventure Holistique
Delphine Herrmann - Aventure Holistique

An Holistic Jouney

Become Indiana Jones and go in search of your sacred temple!

This activity is a game to discover and experience the joy, the passion of the discovery of the Self, through various practices, which you can choose or which are proposed to you by artists-healers. So, you can discover among other things:

  • yoga
  • shiatsu
  • QiQong
  • Spirals of Life®,
  • Tarot Vision®
  • or the living food ...


It is a scripted treasure hunt, which can be done outdoors or indoors. Holistic Adventurers immerse themselves in a story that leads them to discover their own qualities of Being by answering riddles and confronting hardships.

It is certainly playful but it remains nevertheless serious. It is a way to transcribe into the body an initiatory journey, to awaken a flame.

This role-play can be done during fairs, festivals, or events but also at home.

Being an author / performer and director, I write shows, scenarios and escapes games. That's how I came up with the idea of combining art, play and care. Because I think that the holistic journey can reach a lot of people if we make the Sacred of this quest concrete, which is anyway inside us.

Who has not asked the question at least once of Who am I? Where am I going ?

For more information and to discover all our creativity, visit our websites: lenfantbleue.fr and chasseursdemysteres.com

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Take advantage of this opportunity to do yourself good and discover new forms of care.
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