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Delphine Herrmann - Spirales de Vie
Delphine Herrmann - Spirales de Vie
Live the experience of a deep psychic and physical relaxation with an awareness of your energies and your inner center (the Self).
Delphine Herrmann - Spirales de Vie

Spirals of Life®

Spirals of Life® is a powerful karmic healing technique that re-establishes Harmony current within and between all Beings using psycho-spiritual energy passes. The great peculiarity of these passes is to act up to the causal plan.

With Spirals of Life®it is possible to work on oneself, animals, the Earth but also on very specific issues. Its only limit: our imagination ...
So if you really want to transform your life, find inner peace, radiate harmony, then Spirals of Life® is for you!

The importance of working on the causal plan

There are 7 main bodies in the human being: physical (related to matter), etheric (linked to vitality), astral (linked to emotions), mental (related to thought), causal (related to karma), Buddhist (related to supra-mental), atmic (Divine body).

The last two bodies (Buddhist and Atmic) are accessible only by a few exceptional Beings such as Realities. As for the other bodies there are differences.

Indeed, one can naturally work on the first four (physical, etheric, astral and mental) through some more or less known means of all such homeopathy, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, hypnosis, sophrology, magnetism, Qi Gong, etc.

On the other hand, to reach the causal plane, it is necessary to go through the channel of a realized Being. Acting on the causal plane is indispensable because it is at this level that the notion of karma comes into play. It is here that the causes of all effects are born; it is here that all these causes are registered; it is only on this plane that they can be erased. Otherwise, it's like pulling out a weed that would remain a part of root ... The weed will eventually grow back. This is the very principle of the butterfly effect: an effect causes a cause which, in turn, leads to other effects ...

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Pour en savoir plus sur Spirales de Vie®

Je vous recommande la lecture de cet article sur le site du créateur de cette méthode et en particulier l’interview de Loup Blanc dans laquelle il raconte comment un grand Maître Taoïste chinois, spécialiste du Chi, a senti tous ses organes internes bouger pendant une séance de Spirales de Vie®. Consulter l’article sur le site Chamanisme-Origin

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